It’s back to class for Plainville’s children

The students in Plainville started their school year on Tuesday last week, and kicked off the first day with assemblies.
At Linden Street School, the elementary students gathered at the end of the day to hear from Principal Paula Eshoo, Superintendent Jeffrey Kitching, and State Representative Betty Boukus (D-22).
“Read; that’s my mantra for you this year,” Boukus said to the students. She also reminded the students to respect their teachers, and said she was looking forward to the annual third grade trip to the Legislative Office Building in Hartford. “Teachers are very special people. This year, make sure you do your homework, show respect, and be the best possible student you can be.”
Principal Eshoo reminded the students, and taught the new students, about Lindy CARES, Linden Street’s mascot and expectations, which include cooperation, attitude, respect, empathy and safety. Eshoo then showed a video of “happy people dancing,” which symbolized that students are all different. The video covered a variety of different dances in many different countries, and she compared that to the many ways students learn, play and more, which then revolved around respecting one another.
“We all have different ways of showing we’re happy, we all have different ways of learning, so we need to show respect to each other,” Eshoo said.
Eshoo started at Linden last year, after school had already began, so this year was her first “first day of school” at Linden.
“The first day went really well,” said Eshoo, adding that with eight new teachers at Linden she wants to “get to know everyone a little better and just have a safe and successful year.”
This year at Linden, she said, a new math program will be implemented per new standards that have been adopted. There is also a focus on college education, and to show that in the curriculum, “everything has a purpose,” and will help the students be prepared for college.
Superintendent Kitching said he was excited for the new school year, and new programs like all-day kindergarten.
“It was a great opening day, all around,” he said.

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