Council okays sewage bill hike

Several Plainville residents expressed concern over the proposed 2 percent increase on their sewer bills. However, despite that public concern, the council unanimously approved the hike, noting the town has gone two years without an increase in the fees.
Residents will notice an increase between $6 to $8 per year as of Nov. 1.
Town Manager Robert Lee said the sewer account is running a deficit and added that it is expected to continue with that deficit over the next four years. Rather than have a large increase at once, he said he’d rather see a few small increases along the way.
Residents who spoke at a public hearing on the matter last Monday evening were concerned with the continuous increase in the sizes of fees and rates on their bills. Others also brought up that General Electric only pays a percentage of their sewer bill, and suggested that if the company paid its entire bill the rates wouldn’t have to be increased.
Councilman Chris Wazorko said he was on the council when it decided that GE would pay a percentage. He said originally the company didn’t pay a sewer bill, however they also don’t have to use Plainville to get rid of water, so by them doing so the town can collect revenue for it. He said if GE didn’t use the town’s sewers, the rates for taxpayers would have to increase anyway.
Another proposal that was not voted on at the meeting last week was to change the billing dates from November and April to July and January. That bill would be in the same envelope as the property tax bill, as a way to be more efficient at town hall.

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