Fast Break over Plainville

Once again, it’s time for a little ‘Fast Break over Plainville’ as the scholastic sports season is in playoff mode.
But who knows what will be in this weeks edition and maybe, you’ll see something non sports related this week.
I might even pose a serious question about a former Plainville hoops player…a question that needs a real, tangible answer.
In fact, let’s begin with that unique question right now:
Observation: Former standout football and basketball player R.J. Anderson was a varsity performer in both sports from his freshmen season on. But didn’t he score 1,000 in basketball for the Blue Devils?
Conclusion: It seems strange that Anderson’s name isn’t on the 1000-point banner in the Ivan Wood Gymnasium as he played on the hardwood in varsity action for four seasons. I’m going to look into this situation and I’ll get to the bottom of this interesting question (someone, e-mail me if you have the actual number). He played in so many basketball games…he’s got to be close.”
Observation: Another group is going to be running the XL Center in Hartford as it will attempt to draw life back into Hartford…
Conclusion: Please, enough already. I don’t care who’s running the Hartford Civic Center (or whatever it is) in the middle of “Connecticut’s Falling Star.” The MSG people the XL were truly unimpressive. We’re not getting back the Hartford Whalers, the Boston Celtics will only visit us for exhibitions and there’s no viable future in that decrepit building. The thing needs to be torn down and rebuilt. However, the economy won’t allow for it so what’s the point? At this point, you might as well have Captain Kirk running the place. He could give all those guys in red shirts security jobs there (instead of dying on some hostile planet).
Observation: The Plainville boys basketball team didn’t win a game this season and it was a tough go of it from start to finish.
Conclusion: Personally, I hope coach Marc Wesoly comes back next season. It’s all too easy to get rid of a coach when the team doesn’t win but, hopefully, the squad will bounce back in 2013-14. Winning helps but it’s not everything. Plus, I thought the team responded really well in the second half of the season. If these guys would play a little bit together in the spring and/or fall, I think Plainville would have something for next year.
Observation: How many athletes have torn their ACL’s over the last couple of seasons? It seems like a rash of athletes are hurting their ACL’s.
Conclusion: Boy, it’s certainly true. Just on the Boston Celtics alone, both Rajon Rondo and Leandro Barbosa have both had their seasons come to an end because of tears. Robert Griffin III and Adrian Peterson of NFL fame had done it. Some players can bounce back quickly like Peterson or, someone like Chicago Bulls forward Derrick Rose who might be out of action for over a year. It’s tricky…and it seems to happen more often in women’s sports (remember how many UCONN basketball players over the years have dealt with torn ACL’s over the years…) than anything.
Observation: At a Bristol Eastern boys basketball game, Plainville was attempting to get a rebound when Mike Thomas, Brian Dostaler and Tyler Favreau all crashed to the floor at almost the same time.
Conclusion: A fan behind me said something to the effect of, ‘There goes the entire pitching rotation.’ It was a funny instance as the statement was correct. Heck, we’re already into March and that means baseball is right around the corner. It’s almost time for the Blue Devils to start defending its 2012 Class M championship…that’s if the snow ever melts away. At this point, we’ll start playing ball in, I don’t know, maybe June.

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