Council schedules public hearing on budget, April 9

The Plainville Town Council moved one step closer to completion of its budget process and scheduled a public hearing on its unanimously approved 2013-14 budget recommendation. The hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, April 9 at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers. The Town Council’s budget will be voted on separately from the Board of Education’s budget before they are approved for the next fiscal year. The council held several work sessions recently to make any changes to the proposed town manager, and the superintendent of school’s budgets. The council’s budget, including Debt Service, totals a little over $21.2 million, which is a 1.6 percent increase over this year’s budget. One new town employee position in the proposed budget is an additional police officer. The new hire is expected to help lower the department’s overtime, and if the council didn’t approve the new position, that money would end up in the police department’s overtime account anyway. The capital improvement budget, which would cover a payment for the towns new fire rescue apparatus, two new patrol cruisers, software at the police department, and more, is being proposed at almost $1.1 million, with funding sources of $800,000 from the general government, $45,000 from a grant, and $247,223 from fund balance. The Board of Education budget makes up 61.1 percent of the entire budget request. The board cut down the superintendent’s initially proposed budget by a little over $465,000. The board’s $33.3 proposed budget calls for increase of a little over $326,000, and would pay for items such as curriculum upgrades, a new health teacher at the middle school, two elementary literacy teachers, a new math program for grades seven and eight, a technology replacement plan, additional security at Plainville High School, instrumental music in fourth grade, a college and career readiness center at the high school, and one new technology support staff member which would be split with the town. After the public hearing on April 9, the Town Council will go back and make any changes they deem it necessary. Both budgets will go before voters on Tuesday, April 30 at the Plainville Fire House from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. If any of the budgets fail at the first vote, the council and Town Manager (for the general government side), or Board of Education (for the school budget), would adjust the numbers in accordance with the “majority results from the advisory question.” Then, if the one or both budget fails at the second vote, the council and Town Manager must go back and make adjustments in conjunction with the majority results, just to the budget that had failed. Then the budget will be deemed final.

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