Celebrate the library, help the pantry

The Plainville Public Library observed National Library Week by allowing patrons to waive any overdue fines with a donation to the food pantry.
As its name indicates, National Library Week is observed all over the country. It began on Sunday, April 14 and will end on Saturday, April 20. Library Director Peter Chase said the donation program lined up with the theme of this year’s event.
“It’s our way of celebrating community,” he said. “We have a big hamper right outside the circulation desk and we usually fill that hamper. It’s a good way to deal with fines and to help people who need it.”
The library has put on this drive for a number of years and it has become more of a boon for the food pantry recently, as funding for their efforts has been harder to secure.
“We really appreciate what they’re doing,” said Executive Director Susie Woerz.  “It has really helped each year.”
In addition to non-perishable food donations, the pantry is also in need of other household items like laundry detergent, paper towels and toilet paper.
“People can only use food stamps on things they can eat,” Woerz said. “You can’t use it on other important products for your home.”
Modern libraries are often described as much more than a place to simply borrow books. Keeping with that trend, Plainville’s library offers a number of programs for young children and adults. A press release from the library outlines its “deep commitment to the places where patrons live, work and study.”
This week was also a week off for Plainville students and the library had a number of activities lined up to entertain them. Children had a chance to make “donut hole” treats, learn some arts and crafts, and watch the animated film “Wreck-It Ralph” after eating dinner with their peers. The last “drop in” crafting event is scheduled for Saturday from 10 am to 4:30 pm.
“We always have a lot going on during the school vacation and this year it happened to coincide with National Library Week,” said library clerk Margaret LeMasurier.

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