Filter’s Richard Patrick lays his life down on the tracks



If you listen to Filter’s most recent album, you will hear Richard Patrick’s life oozing through the grooves.
The tough times and tribulations that has been the lead singer’s life informs the tracks of the new album, “The Sun Will Come Out Tonight.”
Filter is part of the Summerland Tour, which comes to Danbury Friday, Jan. 19. Also on the bill is Everclear, Live, and Sponge.
“I’ve been through… a lot in the past 10 years,” said Richard, who was calling from New York City. And he said as he wrote the songs, he wanted that frustration to drive the songs. “I really want to bitch.”
Although the tales that inspired the songs were his alone, Richard said he felt everyone could relate to that feeling of being screwed over and betrayed by those he thought were on his side.
Despite the darkness, though, Richard said the album also offers a ray of light. Hence, the title “The Sun Will Come Out Tonight.” It refers to that sense of hope that despite all the darkness, Richard explained, the sun eventually will rise and break through the clouds.
Richard has had his share of darkness in his life. And he’s not afraid to share his stories.
Prior to Filter, Richard was a member of the touring ensemble for Nine Inch Nails. When he left Nine Inch Nails, he said, “I had nothing to do except for writing demos.”
With so many idle moments sitting in his hands, Richard said he would spend his nights hanging out with some kids in Cleveland who had fell through the cracks. “All we could do was take LSD.”
As they rode their highs, Richard said, they would climb up on a drawbridge and ride that edifice as it traveled up and down. They also would break into an abandoned jail, and shuffle through the police arrest records from the 1920s.
Some of those experiences have made their way into Filter’s music, said Richard.
Besides the dark moments behind his lyrics, Richard said he wanted to bring back some edge for the new album.
The intent behind “The Sun Will Come Out Tonight” was “to get back to that industrial vibe…,” said Richard. “(It’s) way more electronic… and heavier (than previous efforts).”
But, as much as the album gets heavier, Richard said he wanted to offer some sweeter songs as well to reflect the sunlight behind the clouds. He wanted the “full impact of a luscious dream in the middle of the chaos.”
Filter released its first album “Short Bus” back in 1995. And over the ensuing decades, besides Filter, Patrick has had a couple of musical detours such as the super group Army of Anyone (which featured members of Stone Temple Pilots).
Asked why he still remains tied to Filter, Richard said, “It’s my outlet.”
“It’s the perfect life and perfect job (to be a musician),” said Richard of his career in Filter. “I can work with anyone I want. I can make art and I can make music.”
“There’s so much freedom being in a band,” said Richard.
As noted, Filter is heading out on the road with other 1990s compatriots, Everclear, Live, and Sponge
When fans turn out for the Summerland Tour, Richard said fans can expect Filter to play some of the new songs from “The Sun Will Come Out Tonight.”
However, Richard said he will not turn his back on old favorites such as “Hey Man Nice Shot” or “Take a Picture.” Those are staples of any Filter set, said Richard.
Besides the new tracks and old favorites, Patrick said the band also will be playing its recent hit, “Happy Together,” which was featured in the film “The Great Gatsby.”
Beyond the Summerland tour, Richard said, “There’s a lot of good stuff coming up.”
Filter is making plans to go to Europe. After its visit overseas, Richard said Filter is trying to make arrangements to tour in the fall. “We’re talking to a lot of bands… it could be cool.”
Filter will be at the Ives Concert Park in Danbury on Friday, July 19. Gates open at 6 p.m. The show begins at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $35 for reserved seats and $20 for lawn seats.
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