Discount cards for prescriptions going to residents

This fall, all town residents should expect to receive a prescription discount card in the mail, after the Plainville Town Council recently approved an enrollment agreement in the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM) Prescription Discount Card Program.
The program officially launched in September of last year. Gina Calabro, director of Member Services and Marketing for CCM said 100 of the 168 towns in Connecticut are either already participating in the program, or will be by September.
“It is a tremendous program with opportunities for everyone,” Calabro said.
The way the program works, is a town enters into an enrollment agreement with the CCM program, free of charge. Once that is processed, discount cards will be sent to every resident with a mailing address in that town. These cards are free to use, and activated as soon as they are sent out. There is no personal information attached to them, no forms to fill out, and no age or income level restrictions.
“They were primarily set up for those who either have no insurance or have a very high deductible,” Calabro said, but everyone who has prescription medication is eligible to use them, as long as their town is participating. The card also cannot be combined with other prescription insurance benefits.
Calabro said discounts on brand name prescriptions can range from 10 to 40 percent off, and discounts on generic prescriptions can range from 20 to 70 percent off.
The way these discounts can be provided is that the program is being administered by ProAct, Inc., a pharmacy benefit management company that negotiates discounted rates with participating pharmacies, Calabro said. National pharmacies, like ones at CVS, Walgreens, Target, Walmart, Big Y, and Beacon have agreed to absorb the cost of the discount, and would make up the difference in other ways like customers buying their prescriptions on a regular basis, rather than splitting pills to make them last longer. Some local pharmacies also will participate in the program, Calabro said, adding that representatives from ProAct, Inc., will visit each pharmacy in the town to discuss the program and encourage them to participate.
“Customers can get some kind of discount on almost every drug,” Calabro said, adding that not only is the discount card for prescriptions, but also covers three other programs that include discounts on vision, LASIK, and hearing products and services.
At the end of July, Calabro, who receives monthly reports on the program, said the program has saved participating Connecticut residents $1.1 million since last September.
There are no usage limitations on the card, and one card can be good for one household. Anyone who doesn’t receive a card after they have been mailed out can find extras at the Municipal Center, or can visit and print one right from the website. Also on that website is access to comparing medications and pharmacy prices in the area.
Plainville Town Manager Robert Lee said CCM had been promoting the program for a while, and Plainville wanted to get involved to provide this program to its citizens.
“This is an opportunity for the town to provide a program to its citizens to save some money on prescriptions, and anything else that is covered,” Lee said.
The enrollment agreement has been sent to CCM, and Lee said residents should expect a card and information to come in the mail in October.
For additional information on the program, visit and click on the “Programs & Services” tab.

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