193 diseased chickens euthanized after living in Plainville home

On Friday, 193 diseased chickens were euthanized at a home in Plainville which is scheduled to be condemned after a couple was found breeding the birds back in January.
The home at 84 North Washington St., was noticed back in January after a motorist called the police about a significant amount of smoke coming from the chimney, Plainville Police Lt. Eric Peterson said.
“We called the fire department, and nobody was home at the time so we entered and found the home loaded with chickens,” Peterson said, adding that there were nearly 200 chickens inside and outside of the home, with several dead in the home and incubators in the basement.
“It was just filthy conditions,” Peterson added.
Joseph and Mary Honyak had been living with the chickens, however were unable to go back into their home after the health inspector for the Plainville Southington Health District deemed it unsafe and ordered for it to be condemned. Over the last few months the state has been involved with the case trying to find homes for the chickens, and did several blood samples which proved that the chickens had Laryngotracheitis and were euthanized as a result. Peterson said the state is expected to perform a criminal investigation where the chicken owners could face charges related to cruelty to animals and more. Peterson also said the home did not have proper zoning to allow chickens living on the property. Throughout the process the Plainville Police Department was assisting with the State’s Department of Agriculture.