Author of ‘Something’s Missing’ speaks at Plainville library May 8

Matthew Dicks, a local author from Newington, will give a talk about his life and work on Thursday, May 8 at 7 p.m. at the Plainville Public Library, 56 East Main St., Plainville.

Dicks is an author, story teller, and teacher. He wrote three novels, “Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend,” “Something Missing,” and “Unexpectedly, Milo.” He has published work in the Hartford Courant, the Huffington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, and on the Washington Post – Los Angeles Times wire service. He fills his days as an award winning elementary school teacher, a storyteller, blogger and wedding DJ. Dicks is a 10-time Moth StorySLAM champion and a Moth Mainstage performer whose stories have been featured on the Moth Radio Hour and their weekly podcast. 

His book, “Something’s Missing” was the topic of the Plainville Public Library Book Discussion group.  It is a mystery novel set in Central Connecticut. The book concerns a career criminal with OCD tendencies and a savant-like genius for bringing order to his crime scenes. He’s been able to steal from the same people for years on end, virtually undetected. Even though Martin has never met these homeowners, he’s spent hours in their houses, looking through their photo albums, and reading their journals. He plays the role of an odd guardian angel and along the way not only improves the lives of others, but discovers love and finds that his own life is much better lived on the edge.

The free program is sponsored by the Friends of the Plainville Public Library.

For more information, call (860) 793-2241