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Council chair Pugliese to take on Boukus in 22nd

June 6, 2014

Town Council Chairperson Kathy Pugliese has served Plainville for over a dozen years. First elected in 1993, Pugliese is in her second consecutive term as the council leader, and became chairperson in 2011.
This November, the long-time resident of Plainville will run for state representative. Recently, she was unanimously endorsed at the Republican 22nd District convention.
For Pugliese, representing Plainville at the state level was the next logical step for her. Pugliese said she feels ready to run for state representative after her experience as a town councilor, noting her understanding of funding from the state to the local level and the tax pressures on local residents and business owners.
“It is going to be an exciting campaign,” said Pugliese, who served as vice chairperson from 1993 to 1994 and then again from 1997 to 1999. “It is a big step.”
During her role as a Republican leader, Pugliese said she feels most proud of combining the Finance Departments of both the town and Board of Education. After that accomplishment, the council then approved the merger of the town and Board of Education in the areas of human resources, technology, and payroll. Currently, the town is working to combine the buildings and facilities department.
“That is a very rare occurrence in Connecticut,” said Pugliese. “It brings a tremendous energy between the Board of Education and town government.” “Rather than being two separate entities, we are now one.”
If elected, Pugliese said she hopes to focus on accomplishing the same type of merging between state departments, noting how she has a great interest in the concept.
“The state of Connecticut can use those strategies to streamline government,” said Pugliese, who also hopes to reduce future burdens on taxpayers.
As a resident of Plainville and a native of New Britain, Pugliese has an understanding of the needs in the 22nd District. A resident of Plainville for over 30 years, Pugliese is an alumnus of New Britain High School as well as Central Connecticut State University.
“As a candidate, you need to remember who your constituents are,” said Pugliese, referring to a lesson she has learned during her service as town leader which she hopes to apply to her new role as representative if elected. “Stay true to what people elected you for—stay true to your word.”

Kathy Pugliese

Kathy Pugliese

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