Independent Party endorses Del Mastro in 79th


The Independent Party of Connecticut endorsed Peter J. Del Mastro as its candidate for the 79th District House seat; Del Mastro is also the Republican Party endorsed candidate for that same seat.

In her nominating remarks, according to a press release from the Del Mastro campaign, Ashlee Sileo outlined Del Mastro’s goals should he succeed in his quest to be elected to the state legislature. Specifically, the press release said, Del Mastro pledges to fight for:

“Policies that make Connecticut an affordable place to live for retirees, young people, and the middle class.

“Policies that attract businesses, encourage business expansion and foster job creation.

“Reforms that make delivery of services by state government more efficient and cost effective.”


In remarks after the vote to endorse him, the news release said, Del Mastro stated he would work to “reverse the disastrous policies of Governor Malloy and his allies who control the state legislature.” Del Mastro stated, according to the press release, “This is the only way we can turn Connecticut back into a state where people want to live, work, raise their families and grow their businesses”.Publicity_Photo