State troopers plan enforcement for Super Bowl Sunday

Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection
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Tel: (860) 685-8000

Connecticut State Police announced their plans for law enforcement as football fans prepare for Super Bowl Sunday on Feb. 5.

“Parties and gatherings can make Super Bowl Sunday one of the year’s most dangerous days on the roads and highways of our state due to impaired driving-related accidents,” police officials said in a press release. “The busy holiday season is past, but Super Bowl Sunday is an ‘unofficial’ holiday in the U.S. Troopers urge all Connecticut residents to proceed with caution as they celebrate with friends and family.”

Although kickoff is not until 6:30 p.m., Super Bowl Sunday tends to be an all-day celebration.

Troopers will be attentive to all roads and highways across the state for the possibility of drivers operating impaired, before and after the game.  As always, Troopers will enforce all motor vehicle laws.

“Travel the speed limit, always use signals when turning or changing lanes, wear your seat belt, and stay off your cell phone,” officials said in the press release. “Be alert to what other motorists are doing, be prepared to stop, or change lanes.  Act responsibly by designating a sober, non-drinking driver before the game even starts. Remember, fans never let fans drive impaired. Be prepared to call a taxi, Uber, or find a sober driver for that fan.”


During the 2016 Super Bowl Sunday, state police made 15 DUI arrests, issued issued 132 speeding tickets, and issued 424 violations, including following too closely, distracted driving, and using cell phones.

Police also noted that football pools are legals in Connecticut as long as all of the money taken in for the pool is distributed back to the winners participating in the pool. No percentage or cut can be taken by the person organizing the pool for his/her time and/or expense of running the pool. In addition, no betting pools of any kind can be run in any establishment or bar that sells alcohol.