New venture taking over long-time eatery’s locale



The former Confetti location on Route 10 in Plainville has transformed into a partnership of two new businesses under one roof. Since their closing at the end of December, the Confetti staff spent many long days renovating and rebranding in order to open this past Tuesday.

After nearly two decades, owner Peter Lemontis and his wife Joan thought it was time for a change. Lemontis retired Confetti, and had two brand new businesses take over the facility in a “perfect marriage.”

The core group of cooks and servers that have been working at Confetti stayed on board for the new restaurant, JV’s Taproom. In fact, JV’s got its name from owners Jerry Daniels and Vanessa Champagne who were essential to the Confetti staff for many years. The new business features pizza from the wood-fired oven and Certified Angus steaks, with 18 beers on tap at the brand new bar. Red and white wines are also both offered on tap.

“Look forward to award winning pizza,” Daniels said. “We [as Confetti] won best pizza in Plainville last year at the VFW competition.” Daniels also championed the man behind the grill, who has been at it for over 20 years and will continue grilling steaks and burgers for JV’s.

“When we get to the warmer months, there’s a large deck that we will set up like a living room,” Champagne said. The staff has tables, chairs, and couches to set up outside.

Downstairs, Rebel Dog Coffee shop is located in the old Confetti bar area, offering specialty coffee drinks, pastries, and ready-made sandwiches. “There’s a grading scale for coffee, zero to 100, where specialty coffees are rated 80 and above,” said Harrison Poltorak, who co-owns the company with Lemontis. “So it’s the best of the best when it comes to the source of the bean and the farm.”

Any of the high-end coffee drinks sold at JV’s are made at Rebel Dog, so the businesses truly work in a partnership. Patrons can even grab food and/or drinks from the Taproom and sit in the lounge at the coffee shop. “It’s beneficial to both of us because it’s cross-promotional to a certain extent,” Daniels said.

Poltorak also said that his coffee establishment is a good place in Plainville to relax, get work done, and mingle with friends.

Lemontis continues to operate Take Away Gourmet, his prepared food company where people can get some of the old Confetti dishes and dinners to take home and heat up. The meals are available in display cases at Rebel Dog and JV’s. Lemontis will also serve as a mentor to the young management team in the facility as they kick-start their new businesses.

Though the long-time company has transformed into two new establishments, Confetti gift certificates will still be accepted at the new venues.

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