Council fires police sergeant after investigation

On Feb. 13, the Town Council voted 6-0 with one abstention to “terminate” the employment of Sgt. Michael Bisnov “effective immediately.”

A press release from Plainville said, “This action was taken after several hearings where Sgt. Bisnov was given the opportunity to respond to the ‘Statement and Grounds for Termination of Employment’ issued by the town manager and the recommendation of the Police Chief to terminate his employment.”

The release said, “The Town Council came to this conclusion after reviewing the investigative report prepared by the Plainville Police Department, watching the state police interviews with various Plainville police officers and considering the various explanations offered by Sgt. Bisnov and his Union Representative.

The release said, “The investigative report involved Sgt. Bisnov’s actions (that) occurred during and after an untimely death that occurred on Jan. 18, 2016. While the process took some time to complete, it was imperative that the union contract and Town Charter requirements be followed and that Sgt. Bisnov’s due process rights be respected throughout the process.”

The release said, “It was also important that the investigation be thorough and that the employee was given ample opportunity to respond to the allegations before this action was taken.”

The State Police are also currently conducting a criminal investigation into this matter, said the town’s press release.