Family honors Pierrette Plourde by sharing her ‘Closet’



After Plainville resident Pierrette Plourde passed away from cancer on Dec. 13, 2016, her family found a way to honor her memory that serves the greater good of the community. By donating her quality clothing, shoes, and accessories to the Plainville Adult Education program, students in need will have access to professional interview and career attire through “Pierrette’s Closet.”

Additionally, Roger Plourde, Pierrette’s husband, donated funding to finance supplies for the clothing display and storage. The closet was created as an on-site resource for the education program. Her family wanted to highlight Pierrette’s qualities through the closet.

“Plourde was a Plainville resident who demonstrated and prioritized kindness in her relationships with her close-knit family and large circle of friends,” Plainville schools said in a press release.

This resource will offer other services to the adult students aside from the clothing and accessories. Adult Education is supported with state and local funds, as well as federal and private grant funds. Pierrette’s Closet will support soft-skills programming initiatives tied into the annual grant programming goals, such as interview and etiquette workshops. Interview tip sheets will be handed out with each clothing distribution.

Students seeking clothes will be required to meet with the Adult Education school counselor for clothing distribution so that other wrap-around service options may be addressed simultaneously.

Pierrette’s Closet was designed to directly benefit the Plainville Adult Education program. “The quality clothing will inspire confidence and project a professional image for the students,” said Adult and Continuing Education Coordinator Jill O’Brien. “She had a strong fashion sense.”

O’Brien said that they hope to continue this resource in years to come. “We will assess inventory annually, and decide if additional inventory donations will be sought and accepted,” she said.

Adult Education promotes college and career readiness, and from the Plourde’s donation, the Plainville program can enhance that.

“It is a privilege to manage this community outreach for the Plourde family, who prioritize and model volunteerism within their communities,” O’Brien said.

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Pierrette’s Closet at the Adult Education offices on Linden Street.