What to expect this spring in PHS girls tennis



Head Coach—Chuck Radda, entering 32nd season.

Overall Coaching Record—223-243.

Assistant Coaches—N/A.

2016 Overall Record—6-10 (4-4 home, 2-6 away).

2016 CCC South Region Record—1-10.

2016 CCC South White Division Record—1-5 (5th/6 teams).

2016 Class S Tournament—DNQ.

2016 State Open—DNQ.

Graduated (3 seniors)—Emily Bienasz, Isabella Fil, and Kristina Petit.

2017 Team Captains:

Erin Brochu—Senior, No. 2 singles.

Radda—Played one singles last year and is a tough competitor. Never gives an inch.

Elyssa Tomczyk—Senior, No. 1 singles.

Radda—Played three singles last year and compiled a winning record. Is much-improved.

Other Key Returners:

Aleksa Fiedorowicz—Senior, No. 1 doubles.

Radda—Played mostly four singles last year. Quick and smart. Adapting to new position well.

Angela Zheng—Senior, No. 1 doubles.

Radda—Played this position last season. Smart, consistent, and has great attitude.

Hannah Charest—Junior, No. 3 doubles.

Radda—Hits the ball hard. Has varsity experience.

Anna Stehle—Junior, No. 2 doubles.

Radda—Consistent with good server. Smart and works hard. Played some last year.

Caroline St. Pierre—Junior, No. 2 doubles.

Radda—Same position last year, but with better shots. Steady.

Elona Tanski—Junior, No. 3 doubles.

Radda—Diligent with great attitude. Has some experience from last season.

Kelly Tuczapski—Junior, No. 3 singles.

Radda—Has worked hard to improve. Now a solid singles player. Hits with pace. Fast.

Andrea Yban~ez—Sophomore, No. 4 singles.

Radda—Occasional player last season. Steady, patient, and consistent.

The Observer asked Chuck Radda the following questions about the upcoming season:

Observer—What were your overall thoughts about last year? What did the team/program accomplish or gain?

Radda—We underachieved a little. We had chances to make states, but couldn’t quite push through.

Observer—What can be taken from last season into this season?

Radda—Everyone needs to contribute and commit.

Observer—What are the keys to having a successful team/program for the upcoming season?

Radda—Remaining injury-free. We’re solid at the top, but thin beyond our first 10. Quick development by new players could help.

Observer—What are the team’s strengths?

Radda—We can send out several skilled and experienced players every match, but the newer players and the ones that have had spotty success in the past will have to take the next step for us to win.

Observer—What stands out or is different, interesting, and unique about this team?

Radda—Compared to other years when we had huge numbers, but spotty dedication, we have only 20 this year, and they’re all working hard.

Observer—What does the team have to work on or improve most to be prepared for the upcoming season?

Radda—It’s always the same: footwork and shot-making.

Observer—Are there any other major changes from last year, either to the league, schedule, team, or program in general?

Radda—Not really. We play Enfield for the first time and renew competition with East Catholic. Otherwise, it’s pretty much the same.

Observer—Why should people follow the team?

Radda—It’s been a while since we’ve had a stronger one-two combination at singles. I’d also come to see our three new freshmen play. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in matches by the end of the season.

Observer—If you had to headline the upcoming season, what would it be?

Radda—We have to keep out of the trainer’s room.