Petit visits substance abuse treatment facility

In an effort to better understand the local impact of the state’s opioid crisis, State Rep. William A. Petit, Jr. (R-22) recently visited Farrell Treatment Center, a nonprofit substance abuse treatment facility, located in New Britain. Rep. Petit was given a tour of the facility by Executive Director, David Borzellino, right, and Board of Directors Member Foster White. Originally, serving as a dormitory for the nuns who taught at nearby St. Mary’s, the building was converted into a sober house, and has evolved into the substance abuse treatment facility it is today. Farrell offers intensive outpatient treatment while Farrell’s intensive residential treatment offers 24-bed residential treatment services utilizes a Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services 28-day program. Borzellino indicated that they have seen an increase in clients seeking services for addiction to opioids, citing that they typically make up to 75 percent of Farrell’s client population at any given time. Borzellino also noted the increase in deaths from opioid overdoses.