Candidate petitions to run with Dems



John Kisulk, a Democrat, is campaigning to become a petitioning candidate spot for Town Council on the November ballot.

“I want to force a primary with the Democratic Party,” he said on Monday.

Kisulk needed to obtain roughly 200 signatures by 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 9 in order for a primary to be called. If he is successful, a primary election will be scheduled for Sept. 12 for Democratic voters.

“It’s an uphill battle,” said Kisulk. “As a petitioning candidate, the chances are just about zero because people only want to vote for parties.

Last month, both the Democrats and Republicans endorsed their slate of candidates for the Nov. 7 election, which included Town Council, Board of Education, Constables, and Library Trustee. Democratic Town Committee chair Rosemary Morante, Christopher Wazorko, and Robert Ciotto are incumbent councilors that were endorsed, along with Jesse Gnazzo and Richard Ireland Jr. to run on the council slate.

A regular attendant of council meetings, Kisulk provides input during public participation and stays in touch with local politics. He said he has been going door-to-door in neighborhoods across Plainville looking for signatures to fill his list, but it is hard to track people down.

During the 2015 municipal election, Kisulk was among six residents that petitioned onto the ballot for Town Council, but none were successful in obtaining a seat.

Now, he is trying again in hopes of getting on the 2017 ballot.

“I started too late,” he said, adding that he could have had more circulators help in the quest for signatures. Kisulk said that Democratic enrollment is so high in Plainville, but he is struggling to contact voters for his petition.

The deadline for his petition to be approved was Wednesday, Aug. 9 at 4 p.m.