Funds being collected to help hurricane victims and to put staffers on the roof

Plainville High School has partnered with the Connecticut Association of Schools (CAS) to help  hurricane victims in  Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean – and a group of administrators will spend the night “on the roof” of Plainville High School as part of the fundraising effort.

The Connecticut Association of Schools has issued a challenge to member schools throughout the state to help raise funds for hurricane victims. CAS has partnered with an organization which will match the dollar amount raised, and has challenged member schools throughout the state to raise $300,000 collectively. This requires member elementary, middle, and high schools to raise $353 per school.  CAS has identified and partnered with an elementary school, middle school, and high school affected by the storms in order to raise money to assist in the recovery / rebuilding efforts. As such, Plainville High School’s administrative team is collecting donations via the “Put the Administrators on the Roof” fundraiser, to be held on Oct. 19 to 20 from 9:30PM to 7:30 AM. “We wanted to do something to assist the affected communities in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico – in the process we wanted to make this a school community-wide initiative to bring us closer together and have fun in the process. So far the support has been tremendous,” explained Plainville High School Principal, Roberto Medic in a press release.

If the school community raises $500, Athletic Director Chris Farrell and Principal Roberto Medic will spend the night on the high school roof. For $750 raised, Assistant Principal Carl Johnson will join them. For $1,000 raised, Assistant Principal Jonathan Coe will join them. If $2,500 is raised, Superintendent of schools Maureen Brummett will join the campout. If between $1001—$2499 is raised, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, Rosa Perez, and Board of Education Member Foster White, may also join the group on the roof.

Funds are being collected at the high school during lunch waves and evening athletic events, and fellow Plainville schools are also collecting funds to donate to the effort. Linden Street School Principal Paula Eshoo will also participate in the overnight outing on the high school roof if the Linden community raises $500. School districts that are top donors will be honored as “Hurricane Heroes” by CAS.


“I am proud of  Mr. Medic and his administrative team for initiating  this creative fund raising idea. I have every confidence that all members of the Plainville community will support our efforts to raise funds for schools that have been impacted by the recent hurricanes,” noted Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Maureen Brummett.