Meet the candidate: Danny Carrier

Danny Carrier



What do you feel have been successes in economic development for Plainville over

the past two years—or what have been its failures? Explain.

I believe some of the highlights for economic development would be the new businesses like U-haul and Ducci Electric that now consider Plainville their home. We also have seen the expansion of existing businesses throughout town. Plainville continues to be pro-business with our tax abatements and a steady mill rate. The small business loan program has helped to assist some businesses expand also. Although there is always more that can be done to spur growth, Plainville has been expanding at a steady rate over the past two years, despite Connecticut’s economic climate, which makes it very difficult for towns and businesses to create growth.

There has been a lot of discussion over the past year about Connecticut’s current economic situation, and the proposed reductions in municipal aid. If elected, how would you ensure that taxpayers get the best bang for their buck, given the uncertainty in state revenue?

If I am elected and the municipal aid cuts come to fruition, then the council will have to take a hard look at what Plainville needs to do to absorb the very large revenue losses. I believe that simply raising the mill rate to make up for the revenue loss would not be sustainable. We will need to take a line-by-line approach in the budget to look for potential savings. I would weigh out the taxpayers’ ability to pay versus the services provided by the town and not shy away from making the tough decisions. As the biggest portion of our budget is the Board of Education, working closely with the BOE to find potential savings will be very important. If I am re-elected to the council, I promise to work for the taxpayers.  

From infrastructure and park improvements to school building projects to closing the town’s gap in the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail, the town has pursued a variety of projects over the past two years. Do you feel that Plainville is a community of progress— or a community that remains stagnant when trying to move ahead? Explain your answer.

I believe that Plainville is a community of progress. The Wheeler School project will bring the last elementary school up to the same standards as the other two in town. If nothing was done I believe that it would actually be more costly for the taxpayer in the long run. The Farmington Canal Heritage Trail is a part of the overall puzzle of economic growth in town. The trail will not be an easy project to complete, but I believe it is important. Plainville is currently trying to secure grants to move forward and also trying to incorporate the White Oak property (next door to the Municipal Center) into an overall plan for economic development in our downtown. Plainville has a road bond program to boost repaving in neighborhoods that are long over due. I believe that Plainville is moving forward at a steady pace and if the economic climate of Connecticut were better it could move forward at a much faster pace.