Republicans hold majority in 2017 election



Plainville Republicans once again will hold the majority on the Town Council and Board of Education.

On Election Day last Tuesday, Plainville saw a total 25 percent voter turnout, just slightly lower than the last municipal election in 2015.

According to official election results from the Plainville Registrar of Voters, Republican incumbent Kathy Pugliese took the lead with 1,745 votes. Republican incumbents Scott Saunders and Deb Tompkins also retained their council seat with over 1,550 votes.

“We are very pleased to see that the Plainville voters have voted in the majority for the Republican candidates on the Town Council who have been and will continue to be fiscally responsible, and also voted for another term our Republican incumbents onto the Board of Education who will also continue to be very mindful of Plainville’s needs going forward,” said Republican Town Committee Chairperson Gayle Dennehy-Carrier.

Between the state budget and various ongoing town projects, Pugliese said she looks forward to serving on the council—a position she has held for nearly 20 years now.

“There is a lot to do, and I’m grateful that the public feels I’m worthy of their trust,” said Pugliese.

Although two-term Republican incumbent Danny Carrier was not re-elected, Republican candidate Ty Cox, who ran in 2015, gained a seat on the council with 1,500 votes.

Democratic incumbent Rosemary Morante said she was honored to retain her council seat with 1,502 votes. Her fellow incumbent, Chris Wazorko, also retained his council seat with 1,598 votes.

A three-term councilor, Democratic candidate Robert Ciotto, who joined the council earlier this year to fill the vacant seat of former Town Councilor Quinn Christopher stepped down, was not re-elected. He served three terms on the council from 2005 to 2011.

Although “somewhat disappointed” that the party did not gain an extra seat, Morante added that Plainville Democrats will continue moving forward.

However, the Democrats now have a new face on the Town Council. Democratic newcomer Jesse Gnazzo won with 1,672 votes. Gnazzo served on the Board of Education from 2007 to 2011. He also has served on the Board of Directors for the Plainville Chamber of Commerce, the Plainville Little League, and the Plainville Colts.

“He’s knowledgeable about town issues, and has been involved in the community for many years,” said Morante.

This year, the ballot for Town Council also included a petitioning candidate, Wayne Fish, who received 356 votes, and write-in candidate John Kisluk, who received 144 votes.

Six years ago, Plainville Republicans took control of the Town Council and the Board of Education.

“We think of everybody when we make decisions that are going to affect their financial condition,” said Pugliese.

Republican incumbent Andrea Saunders, retained her seat on the Board of Education with 1,618 votes.

“We’ve shown that we have been fiscally responsible on both the council and the board,” said Saunders, adding how the board and the council consistently works together.

Republican candidate Nicole Palmieri, who was appointed to fill a vacant seat on the board earlier this year, won with 1,595 votes.

“She is definitely an asset to the board,” said Saunders.

While Democratic incumbent Becky Tyrrell retained her seat with 1,566 votes, the board now has a new Democrat on board. Currently a Child Support Enforcement Officer for the State of Connecticut Judicial Department, Kathy Wells won a seat on the Board of Education with 1,489 votes. She is the mother of two grown children who attended Plainville schools.

“It’s wonderful to see new people to the political process,” said Morante.

Meanwhile, all four Democratic candidates who ran for the constable position won. While Kathleen Michalik won 1,479 votes, Joseph Klepacki Jr., Cheryl Castonguay and Shelley Johnson all received over 1200 votes.

Three Republican candidates also won a seat as constable. Roberta Lalama received 1,224 votes, and Ezio Capozzi Jr. received 1,426 votes. Adam Bergenty also won 1,377 votes.

Both candidates for library trustee were elected. Republican candidate Jay Steeves won 1,861 votes, and Democratic candidate Rebecca Ireland received 1,779 votes.


Annina Consalvo shows support for the Republican party at Wheeler School on Election Day last Tuesday. (JANELLE MORELLI PHOTO)

George Fensick III, left, Kathy Pugliese, Lori Consalvo, and Annina Consalvo campaign outside of Wheeler School on Election Day. (JANELLE MORELLI PHOTO)