Renter’s Rebate program checks on way

The Office of Policy and Management announced that residents enrolled in the state’s Renter’s Rebate program should anticipate obtaining their much anticipated checks within the next several days. Beginning this week, batches of approximately 8,000 checks per day were mailed and will continue to do so until all of the nearly 50,000 checks have been sent.

“We are pleased the Renter’s Rebate checks are going to start being delivered in the coming days,” said OPM Secretary Ben Barnes in a press release. “I thank the participants in the program for their patience, and I promise that we will continue to work diligently to ensure all payments are made to all qualified applicants as soon as possible.”

The Renter’s Rebate program was temporarily paused following the adoption of the biennial state budget on Oct. 31 due to changes that were written into the legislation that made the program unworkable. In the following weeks, the press release said, the legislature adopted a fix that was quickly signed by the Governor, allowing the program to be restored to its working conditions. Over the past few business days, OPM and the Office of the State Comptroller have worked to expedite the process to begin running batches of Renter Rebate checks this week.

There are close to 50,000 checks that will be processed and mailed over the next few days. In prior years, the state has waited until all checks were printed so they could be mailed out on the same day, but this year they will be sent out as soon as they are printed because of the delays to the program.