And they consumed chili and wings… all for a good cause



PARC, Inc. hosted its eighth annual King of the Wing fundraiser, challenging guests to participate in a wing eating contest and a chili cook-off challenge on Sunday, Jan. 28 at Central Café in Downtown Plainville with record-breaking crowds.

Seventeen homemade chili dishes brewed and bubbled in one half of the café waiting to be judged by the panel. Judges rated five different qualities of each dish on a 1-10 point basis: color, aroma, consistency, taste and aftertaste.

“These are all home-cooked dishes that contestants can bring in for a chance to win,” said Erica Donovan, PARC, Inc. executive director and judge. ”They just make them there, then bring in their own crockpot, plug it in and serve it up.”

A separate delicious challenge, the wing eating contest, took place later in the afternoon. Several dishes of wings crafted by Central Café were served up to a dozen hungry contestants. The contestant who ate the most wings in ten minutes was crowned King of the Wing.

“It’s honestly gross and so awesome at the same time,” said Donovan, laughing.

Guests could purchase tickets to taste test all the different chili dishes and enter the wing eating contest. Additionally, Central Café donated a percentage of all sales made from 1 to 6 p.m. to PARC, Inc., for their fundraising efforts. Staff members from the restaurant partake in the event itself, serving the judges and orchestrating the contests and samplings.

“The event is just really cool, and it’s fun to watch the judging,” said Plainville resident Cindy Muller. “It’s a great time. We come and support our friends, and just get together and order some food.”

Judge Tim Osuch, former chef at J. Timothy’s, said the event is a great way to support the community. “We do what we can to help out,” he said. “It’s also a great chance to see some friends and catch up with people.”

PARC, Inc. is a nonprofit family organization that services individuals and their loved ones with developmental disabilities. Members partake in an array of activities and programs that are not only entertaining but also promotes social, functional and educational lifestyles, all through fundraising efforts and community support.