Plainville chamber hands out annual awards



The Plainville Chamber of Commerce held its 110th annual Awards Dinner on April 24, celebrating and honoring seven Plainville businesses who stand out as leaders in the community.

“I wish to personally offer my congratulations to all of our winners this year,” said chair Jeffrey DiCosimo. “This year’s awards are a milestone. Just think, there have been 110 constructive years of the Plainville Chamber recognizing the businesses of Plainville. There have been many winners throughout the years starting in 1908 to present. It is an impressive achievement and I am proud to be a part of the chamber.”

This year’s awardees included U-Haul Moving & Storage (beautification award), Rotary Club of Plainville (non-profit of the year), TMW Development Co. and M&T Transmission (distinguished family in business), Assistant Town Manager Shirley Osle (distinguished community leadership), Painting and Decorating, Inc. president and owner Jane A. Carney (distinguished women in business), and Farmington Bank of Plainville (business of the year).

“Congratulations to all of the award winners this evening,” said state representative Dr. William Petit (R-22). “I am proud to represent Plainville in the 22nd district.” He presented each awardee with citations from the state of Connecticut.

U-Haul owner’s representative, Will Cintas, accepted the beautification award on behalf of the company. The former site of General Electric was purchased in 2016 after seven years of vacancy. U-Haul reused the existing building and repurposed and recycled materials rather than demolishing the old building and starting anew.

“We couldn’t think of a better place, and it was absolutely awesome to see what they’ve done there,” said chamber secretary Linda Russell.

Plainville Rotary Club director Gregg Karal thanked the chamber for what he called a “spectacular honor.” The club is made up of 41 individuals who wish to make Plainville better for everyone, Karal said.

The distinguished family in business award was shared by two sisters who run their own separate businesses in town, Tabitha Wazorko Manafort and Quinn Wazorko Christopher. Manafort has revitalized, and in some cases, saved, 35 homes in Plainville, transforming homes in need and attracting new families. Christopher took over her late husband’s company after he tragically died in a plane crash last year.

Town Manager Robert Lee congratulated Osle for 38 years of service to the town of Plainville.

“I began my role as town manager in 2004 and have seen first-hand Shirley’s commitment and dedication to empower the citizens and taxpayers of Plainville,” said Lee. “She is truly outstanding, and Plainville benefits greatly from her leadership.”

Carney shared her experiences in climbing the ladder of employment at PDI, Inc. She said she calls upon the values her parents taught her – to be kind to all, and to be tough and stand up for yourself.

The branch manager of Plainville’s Farmington Bank accepted the award on behalf of the business. “We are committed to making a difference in the community,” said Antonella Calabrese. “It is an absolute pleasure to serve the wonderful town of Plainville.”