Pizza, ice cream, and a lot of education



Plainville Community Schools has partnered with West Main Pizza, 97 E Main St., and Dairy Queen, 81 East St., to host a month long event, “Blizzard Blitz and Pizza for Plainville Schools.”

Lynn Davis, Director of Community Relations, said this event is apart of a much larger community outreach initiative, of mutually beneficial partnerships throughout the Plainville community.

Along with Sue Bradley, the coordinator of the volunteer program, Davis has been working with various businesses in order to promote a more rounded process of teaching.

The Blizzard Blitz and Pizza for Plainville Schools will run for the duration of the month of May, with Linden Street School up first, running from Sunday, April 29, until Saturday, May 5.

Paula Eshoo, principal of Linden Street School, the first school to take part in the event, said she had done something similar to this before.

“All the children had an opportunity to write me a persuasive essay for the ingredients they wanted on their pizza or in their blizzard. We had 81 entries and then our two winners. Each scholar had to say why the ingredient represented our school,” said Eshoo. “For instance, our blizzard had Oreo cookies because cookies and cream separately are good but together they’re awesome just like children and teachers together, and sprinkles because everybody’s different and special! So I read all of the entries, came up with my top few, and then had some others read to help me make my choice. I personally think this is so cool and I’m grateful to Lynn Davis and Sue Bradley for their help in making this come to fruition. I bought several of our blizzards today and they were delicious.”

Toffolon School will be spotlighted from Sunday, May 6, until Saturday, May 12.

“The student council sent out a ballot to all students with choices, and students were able to vote for their favorites,” explained Lynn Logoyke, principal of Toffolon School. “The student council tallied up the votes to determine the winner. This is the first time we’ve done this sort of fundraiser. It’s been fun and will be interesting to see if many families participate.”

Third on the list is Wheeler School, from Sunday, May 13, until Saturday, May 19.

Jaqulyn Bartomioli, the teacher who oversees Student Council at Wheeler School, said the student council, made up of eleven fourth and fifth graders, picked the ingredients.

“After receiving the list of ingredients, the group was able to come up with a Blizzard flavor relatively easily by selecting ingredients that most people would like,” said Bartomioli. “For example, our students wanted to avoid anything with peanut butter, because they are cognizant of the fact that there are many peanut allergies. This was brought up for both inclusion and business reasons, because they are aware that the whole reason behind the Blizzard Blitz is to raise money for the school. So our Cookie Dough, M&M and chocolate sauce “Wolf Pack Cookie Track” Blizzard was created to cater to as many people as possible, so that we could raise a greater amount of money.”

Bartomioli explained that the pizza process was a little more challenging, as there were three front runners for the “Pawfect Pizza”. The choices were sent out to students and staff members via a vote, and the winner was hamburger, pepperoni, and bacon.

“Having these two menu items in such popular, local eateries is an incredible chance for students to know they can make an impact that reaches beyond the hallways of our school. They had the opportunity to be thoughtful, strategic, planners from the design phase to the advertising phase,” said Bartomioli. “They were able to really get a feel for how real life business decisions can be made, and at such a young age I think it was incredibly powerful. And to know that what they are doing is going to have a direct monetary impact on their future Elementary experience, was the icing on the cake. We are thrilled to have his opportunity, and hope the Plainville Community takes advantage of it.”

Rounding out the month of May will be the Middle School of Plainville, with their items available from Sunday, May 20, until Saturday, May 26, and Plainville High School, Sunday, May 27, until Saturday, June 2.

If you are a community member who would like to partner with the Plainville Schools, please contact Bradley, (860)793-3210 extension 6110, or Davis, (860)793-3210 extension 6111.

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