Town sets mill rate at 33.84



The Plainville Town Council unanimously adopted the 2019 fiscal year mill rate of 33.84, a mill increase of 0.41 mills from the previous year. This is the same mill rate that councilors originally recommended for the referendum held on April 24.

The increase would result in a raise in taxes of about 1.21 percent. Based on data compiled from 2013 to 2018 that Town Manager Robert Lee presented in January, Plainville on average sees a 1.64 percent increase in taxes each year.

The state budget had been finalized after the April 24 referendum and resulted in reduced state aid to Plainville at $4,419.

“This slight reduction would result in a mill rate of 33.846, which would be rounded up to 33.85,” reported Lee at the council meeting. “This would be a 0.42 mill increase or a 1.25 percent increase in taxes.”

Some councilors were uncertain if adopting the originally recommended budget was the right choice after state aid was reduced.

“I think for this small amount of money, we should round up, not round down,” said vice chair Scott Saunders following Chris Wazorko’s motion to approve the original mill rate.

Chair Kathy Pugliese said the small reduction would have a minimal effect. Lee said the mill rate is an estimate, and the town would not collect exactly what it budgeted for.

“We’re either going to collect a little more, or a little less, than that,” said Lee.