Police report lock-down at 2 schools; nothing suspicious found

Plainville police issued the following statement about the lockdown of two schools today:

“Today at about 12:25 p.m., the Plainville Police Department received a call from a citizen reporting what they believed to be a sound of gunshots coming from area of Plainville High School. The high school and nearby elementary school, Linden Street School, were placed in a lockdown as teams of officers began a search of the high school grounds.
As the search was underway, we received what was later determined to be erroneous information that a student inside Plainville High School may have been responsible for the gunshots. That student was quickly located and we were able to determine had no involvement in the incident.
“The exterior and interior of Plainville High School were searched by police officers and nothing related to gunshots or anything suspicious was found. The origin of the suspected gunshots remains unknown.’