Class of 2018 reflects on school

EDITOR’S  NOTE: Due to a computer error, the names of all the graduates were not published in the print edition. We will rerun the list for the next issue.



Plainville High School celebrated the successes of 168 graduating seniors on June 20 at Tinty Stadium during the school district’s 91st annual graduation commencement exercises.

Valedictorian Nathan Michalek and Salutatorian Abigail Leander gave their remarks to classmates, family, friends, school administration and town officials. Both students reflected on their time and experiences throughout their education and their lives.

“To write this speech, I looked back on my 13 years here,” said Michalek. “Each of us holds precious memories here.”

He said, while everyone has had a different experience and followed their own paths, “don’t forget to enjoy the memories. Everybody loves to look forward to the future, but the truth is, life is a journey. Take time to appreciate the place we are now.”

Michalek calculated there are 86,400 seconds in every day, and said he is grateful for each one.

Leander shared with classmates lessons that she had taken from the book, “This I Believe,” which is a compilation of essays.

“My experience here has rooted within me fundamental beliefs,” she said. From her reading, she took away three core themes: the importance and necessity of friendships, the need to be patient, and to maintain a healthy balance in life. She said to her fellow students, “What happens to our lives does not define who we are.”

“You all have so much to celebrate tonight,” said Superintendent of Schools Maureen Brummett to the graduating class. “Over 80 percent of you are going to college, trade school or the military, and 71 percent of you got into your first choice of schools.”

Brummett said as a whole class, students had already achieved 11,000 college credits at PHS, and received over $750,000 in scholarships.

PHS principal Roberto Medic told students he had sat down that morning with his children at breakfast and thought about what graduation signifies, and what it means to students and their families.

“Graduation is a celebration of transition from childhood to becoming a young adult,” he said. “Graduation is about you, but it’s also about your family and friends and the people in your life leading back to day one.”

Town Council chair Kathy Pugliese presented the graduating class with a proclamation signed by the entire Town Council. State Senator Henri Martin and State Representative Dr. William Petit congratulated the class, and left them with some advice to consider as they leave PHS and find a new “home,” as Martin said. Petit encouraged students to always have hope, be kind, and persevere. Board of Education chair Andrea Saunders told students, “If you want to change the world, start by making your bed.”

The Plainville High School Class of 2018 is:

Nicole Marie Alvarado Vera, Siana Rose Arduini, Isabella Genevieve Bantz, Hannah Emily Barger, Zachary Michael Bartolini, Phoebe Elise Bell, Parker J. Bernier, Tyler E. Berry, Matthew Kazimierz Bialko, Eda Bickici, Jordan Joseph Bishop, Caitlin Leanne Bradley, Taegan Mark Brochu, Christian R. Brushie, Bryan Richard Buckley, Mark J. Buden, Brian Burdyl, Alexis Jordan Bush, Larry D. Butler, Dillyn Levester Caruso, Taylor Ann Cavaliere, Hannah Nicole Charest, Dustin Paul Chasse, Zachary Michael Cheever, Nicholas Angelo Cianchetti, Justin Anthony Ciotto, Nora Jane Clement, Nathan F. Collado, Rachel Elizabeth Collin, Nicholas William Costantini, Kaitlyn Joyce Cote, William Roger Cronkhite, Litzy Cruz, Ashley Leila Dias, Zoe Margaret Dominy-Nguyen, Evan Michael Dube, Hailee M. Dufour, Christopher John Elliotte, Cheyenne B. Emmendorfer, Graham J. Eyres, Mary C. Fascendini, Jeremiah Feltenberger, Pace Vincenzo Ferro, Stephen Wilson Feulner, Tyra Alexia Fletcher, Alyssa Nicole Fontaine, Makayla Nicole Foster, Hector Alejandro Franqui, Henrique Antonio Freitas, Antonio Garcia, Diamond Imani-Kyah Garcia, Noah Gerard Gavin, Mark Justin Gniadek, Julian S. Gomez, Meghan Elizabeth Guimond, Joseph Allen Gustavson, Cameron Andrew Gwara, Jacob Robert Hillburn, Jade Ashlynn Humphrey, Alana Estelle Hussey, Patrick Ryan Jay, Alexander Frank Jeney, Andrew Wayne Johnson, Da’kquie Damarr Jones, Jordon Michael Jones, Karla D. Juarez, Andrew Peter Jusino, Ethan Douglas Keen, John Francis Kennedy, Patrick Kolc, Donny Kongkiat, Maciej Beniamin Kossuth, Magdalena Beata Kossuth, Agata Karolina Kuczynko,

Alyssa Marie Lamonte, Taylor Jordan LaPira, Joseph Jacob Lavigne, Abigail Mary Leander, Aryanna Migdalia LeBron, Joshua Raymond LeBrun, Hannah Elizabeth Lennon, Isabelle Giavonni Lewis, Aerial Lindsay, Jailen Lindsey, Christina Maria Lopez, Isabel Lozefski, Sarah Jessica Ludko, Connor Mackie, Paige Mitera Madigan, Christopher Jason Mager, Lisa Jeannette Maillet, Logan Manger, Cody N. Marquis, Collin James Martin, Michelle Angel McDonald, Taylor Deneige McGinley, Andranik Kevork Melkonyan, Nathan Alexander Michalek, Dominika Wiktoria Mis, Brianna E. Moore, Samantha Marie Morin, Dylan Patrick Morrell, Raymond Anthony Moskus, Jeremy William Myska, Jacob Steven Newton, Madeleine Rose O’Dell, Daniel Olechniej, Elijah Antonio Osorio, Joel Oyola, Kiara Alexis Pastor, Madison Taylor Peck, Abby O. Pelletier, Amiyah L. Peters, Zachary Alan Petosa, Sara Elizabeth Pierscinski, Grayson Podoloff,

Soyeb Rana, Gavin Michael Ranno, Jeremy Daniel Raymond, Audra Elizabeth Restelli, Cameron James Rexinger-McConnell, William Kai Rich, Wyatt P. Rita, Liliana Marie Rodriguez, Marcos Y. Rodriguez, Zenaida Marie Rodriguez, Benjamin Earl Root, Alexander Denzyl Rosado, Julia Martinez Rosario, Jessica H. Royce, Luke Patrick San Juan, Wilson Andres Santiago, Jordy Santos, Dylan Thomas Schade, Evan Matthew Shannon, Mitchell Sean Sheltry, Khilolakhon Shukhratiy, Serena Mikayla Simard, Samantha Maria Sirois, Jessica D. Skawinski, Emma Josephine Snowden, Ryan P. Sookram, Timothy Soucy, Terence John Spence, Madelyn Taylor St. Jean, Caroline Mae St. Pierre, Dawid Grzegorz Stachurski, Spencer Henry Steeves, Anna Maria Stehle, Venus Souphaluck Syammorn, Elisabeth Marie Tanguay, Elona Pierrette Tanski, Jada Dionne Terrell, Liana Nicole Testa, Kain Antonio Torres, Kaylie Alexis Torres, Krystina Rose Torres, Kelly Marta Tuczapski, Ryan Alexis Vazquez, Jasmin Vega, Naomi Vega, Matthew David Violette, Desiree Morgan Wesolowski, Patryk Wnorowski, Edgar Joseph Wynkoop, Emanuel Robert Yawin, Christian Ray Zamudio, Hannah Elizabeth Zelasko.