Local seniors ‘snap’ it up for upcoming exhibit



The Snappy Seniors Camera Club of the Plainville Senior Center will be honored at a reception at Apple Rehabilitation Center at 269 Farmington Ave. on Thursday, Aug. 16 at 6 p.m.

The club, formed in 2011, unites a group of photographers of all skill levels and teaches and encourages them to see things differently, and capture the moment.

The reception will celebrate the club’s new photo exhibit on display at the rehab center: “Oh, the Places We’ve Been.” The exhibit is a travelogue of countries its members have visited, such as Ireland, Cuba, Italy, Iceland, Greece, India, as well as many tourist destinations in the United States such as Hawaii, South Dakota and various National Parks.

“The club started as an idea to introduce people to something they may not have tried before,” said assistant director at the Senior Center, Ronda Guberman. “We weren’t sure how it would take off, but it really did. It really blossomed.”

Back when it began about seven years ago, senior center member Judy Humphrey began to share her knowledge of photography by teaching classes on technique, which generated great interest and demand. The next year, the Snappy Seniors Club was formed, starting with nine original members and growing to anywhere from 18 to 30 members at each monthly meeting.

Photos from members have been displayed in various galleries including the Plainville Public Library, the Senior Center, Apple Rehabilitation Center, the New Britain Museum of American Art, and Welte Hall at Central Connecticut State University. Members have participated in several art shows and competitions across the state.

“The club is an opportunity to tap into creativity that many of the members didn’t realize they had,” said Guberman. “The members are able to learn something new, meet new people and find a new passion.”

Two members of the club, Bonnie Carilli and Marguerite (Peggy) Clancy, shared their experiences.

“The main thing I’ve found since I joined the club five years ago is that I now see the world in a whole different light,” said Carilli. “I notice everything. The clouds in the sky have always been there but did I notice them before? No. Did I notice the green grass, or the colors of the leaves on the trees? No. Being in this club really opens you up to a new adventure every day.”

Carilli said she enjoys being a part of a group that shares a similar interest and passion as she has. Each person sees something different when looking at the same thing, she said.

“The classes teach you how to see with your eyes, and not just click away at the camera,” said Clancy. She recalled seeing her photos on various displays including the Apple Rehabilitation Center and on a large slideshow during a performance by a local musical ensemble. “It’s just wonderful to see your work be displayed for others to see.”

Members of the public are welcome to attend the reception at Apple Rehab on Aug. 16 and enjoy 50 enlarged, framed photographs from across the globe, all captured by talented Plainville residents.