Teamwork helps beautify Lisa’s Wish



Team Depot of South Southington partnered with LISA Inc., to complete a beautification project for the Lisa’s Wish property on Bank Street, in Plainville.

Completed on Aug. 15, Team Depot’s project allowed for the “beautification” of the facility. This included repainting one of the rooms, purchasing flowers and rocking chairs, and sprucing up the garden and walkway area.

LISA Inc., Living In Safe Alternatives, is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that serves Connecticut teens in the custody of the Department of Children and Families. According to their website, “the programs and services we provide help young people develop healthy interpersonal relationships, acquire academic achievement, manage social and cultural interactions, facilitate the exploration of spirituality, and teach independent living skills.”

Elizabeth Hyatt, associate director of development, also oversees community outreach for LISA Inc. In early 2018, she reached out to Bill Kiely, Team Depot Community Captain for the south Southington Home Depot.

Kiely said the goal of the project was to “make the area more of a home, and less of a facility.”

“Team Depot is a volunteer program that we have with Home Depot,” said Kiely. “It’s our chance to give back to the community through nonprofits and veterans.”

He explained that the organization is applying for a grant. The process involves the Team Depot captain doing a site visit and developing a quote for the materials needed. Once the grant is approved, Team Depot works with the organization to “start planning the project in depth a little bit further,” and then the grant funds are used to purchase the required materials.

“Nothing is guaranteed, the grants are highly competitive,” said Kiely, “but, it’s always worth the shot to try it.”

Christina Sicero is the program director for Lisa’s Wish, a transitional independent living facility under LISA Inc.

“There’s always things that we’re trying to upgrade and there’s always things that we’re trying to, as Bill said, beautify,  just making it a home, and that’s always been our goal. Yes, this is a program. Yes, unfortunately the residents, in many instances, don’t have anywhere to go, so how can we make this the best experience for them, for the next part of their lives,” said Sicero. “I’m just very, very grateful for Team Depot’s project, and their vision and they’re trying to help us reach our goal for the program.”

For more information regarding LISA Inc., you can visit their website at, And, for more information on Team Depot, please visiting,

Sally Shabbott is a volunteer with South Soutington’s Home Depot. She recently helped with house and yard projects at Lisa, Inc.’s property on Bank Street. (PHOTO by JANELLE MORELLI)