Ted Christopher wall unveiled at Plainville High



On Wednesday, Sept. 12, Plainville High School unveiled the Ted Christopher Wall of Wrestling Champions, housed in the Kegel Gymnasium.

Quinn Wazorko Christopher spoke of her late husband, and the pride he showed for his “Plainville roots.”

“I know many people remember my husband as an accomplished NASCAR driver, a guy who lived and loved to race. But that was a small part of his life, he was much more,” said Mrs. Christopher. “He took great pride in his Plainville roots, a spirit reflected in his commitment to the community, and his decision to build his business and life here.”

According to Mrs. Christopher, Ted Christopher, “relished his years at Plainville High School, where he started the high school wrestling team.

“Ted Christopher helped start the wrestling team here at Plainville High during his high school years. He competed during his four years in high school and served as team captain during his senior year in 1976. He was inducted into the Plainville Athletics Hall of Fame in 2013,” said Superintendent Dr. Maureen Brummett.

Dr. Brummett explained that Quinn Christopher reached out earlier this year, hoping to do something to honor her late husband. Brummett, Quinn Christopher, and athletic director Chris Farrell, met and discussed ways to honor Ted Christopher, and from those meetings, the Ted Christopher Wall of Wrestling Champions was born.

Unveiled by his nieces and nephews, the Ted Christopher Wall of Wrestling Champions, “will be seen by every wrestling match, and every other sporting event held here at PHS,” according to Farrell.

“It highlights our past and present all New England wrestlers, our all academic all American wrestlers, our most outstanding wrestlers from each senior class, our top state finishers, and our top state open finishers over the years. Names will be added on a yearly basis, depending on how our student athletes finish their season,” said Farrell. “The Ted Christopher Wall of Champions will be the focal point of the Kegel Gymnasium, and will bring a sense of pride to many student athletes, alumni, parents, families, friends, and our community.”

Mrs. Christopher said Ted Christopher “worked hard as a student athlete to make his team a force to be reckoned with each time it walked on this gymnasium floor.

Board of Education member, Foster White, said that when he reflects “upon the life and accomplishments of Ted Christopher, a three word phrase immediately comes to mind; personification of excellence.”

“Ted set a goal and was not satisfied until that goal was attained. He established high standards for himself, and as a result, encouraged others to meet or exceed those standards. Ted provided us all with affirmative guidelines for a positive and most effective way to accomplish our goals and live our lives. By the way he lived his life and performed as an athlete, he established standards for all of us to follow, and hopefully, attain,” said White. “We’ll find it a challenge to follow Ted’s example, and we will all be a better person if we try, and even better person if we succeed.”

“Never was he prouder than when he was inducted to the Plainville Sports Hall of Fame, and when a few years later, I joined him as an honoree. When friends and fans and family so generously contributed to the Ted Christopher Memorial Fund, there was no doubt in my mind that he would want something that benefited his beloved alma mater and the sport he loved. He was a champion in so many ways. I know he would be so pleased to see this memorial to him, and other athletes that play to win. So, with great pride, and thanks and joy, I am so very pleased to unveil the Ted Christopher Wall of Champions,” said Quinn Christopher.


Quinn Wazorko Christopher, wife of the late Ted Christopher, speaks at the unveiling of the Ted Christopher Wall of Wrestling Champions last Wednesday. (JANELLE MORELLI PHOTO))