Meet the candidates of the 22nd: Richard Ireland

The Observer asked the candidates three questions. They were given the option of answering one to three of them as long as their total word count did not exceed a number assigned by paper.

The questions were:

A: What should the General Assembly do over the next two years to help the state economy?

B: There has been a lot of finger-pointing this election at the president and our departing governor. Why are either figure relevant to the problems of Connecticut?

C: Other than the economy what are the top issues the General Assembly must address in the next two years. Why?

Richard Ireland Jr.


House District 22

A: We have to find ways to reduce waste in government and improve efficiency in all departments. One such way is to eliminate fraud, which is being currently done.

B: Both are relevant because the president’s administration determines how much funding the state receives and what federal projects get what funding and at what rates. The governor then has to decide how to spend those monies and has to decide how to fund shortfalls with state monies

C: Infrastructure is among the top issues. A report from the state says that over 300 bridges are deficient  causing safety concerns to residents and businesses, who depend on our roads and bridges for getting to and from work and providing goods and services to customers.

Gun control is another issue. Even though we have one of the toughest gun control laws in the country, we have to keep up with the technology. One example is the 3-D printable guns. These can be made at home by anyone.

Another issue are ghost guns. Even though they have to be assembled , you don’t need a permit or a background check to own one. There are no serial numbers on them and they cannot be traced. And they are easily purchased.

Finally, another issue are the double barreled AR-15m guns now being manufactured.