Collaborative effort behind new Linden St. School greenhouse





Linden Street Elementary School debuted the newly constructed courtyard greenhouse with a ribbon cutting that took place on Tuesday, Oct. 30.

This project was part of the Plainville Community Schools School, Business, Community Partnership model, and was a collaboration with Fluid Control Solutions.

Fluid Control Solutions is a manufacturing company based in Plainville that produces “precision components for aerospace, fluid control which is pumps and valves, medical devices, and some military components,” according to the owner Gary Fett.

Principal Paula Eshoo said when she first arrived at Linden, the protected courtyard looked “like a jungle.” She had a vision to turn the space into a place “where children could come and read, or do school work outside.” She found the idea for a “plastic bottle greenhouse” on Pinterest.

“I thought, ‘Wouldn’t that be awesome if we could do it?’ because that would show the children that we can reuse and repurpose things, and recycle it in a different way,” said Eshoo.

Eshoo said the greenhouse will be used to grow various herbs and flowers, such as a new crop of Four O’Clocks, which are currently being grown in a different location on campus. The growing of Four O’Clocks is a fundraiser to benefit Michaela’s Garden and the Petit Family Foundation.

“We have a Michaela’s Garden of Four O’Clocks out back that the foundation put by the cafeteria for us, so we’re going to collect the seeds and then we’re going to plant them, and then either give them [the students] the plants to sell and then give them the money,” said Eshoo. “We want to make sure that the children understand about giving back and supporting people who support us.”

Fett will continue to take part in the School, Business, Community Partnership program, saying that he’s “assisting in other areas.”

“[I’m] trying to work as a possible mentor for the kids who are trying to get into the trade,” said Fett. “And, describe to them some of the opportunities we may have, or that I see in the industries, so, that’s where I’d like to continue.”

The Linden Street School held a ribbon cutting ceremony for its new greenhouse. Gary Fett of Fluid Control Systems, who built the greenhouse, and Principal Paula Eschoo are seen at the grand opening. (JANELLE MORELLI PHOTO)