New fire inspector welcomed by council; River clean-up postponed



A new fire inspector was named during the Nov. 19, meeting of the Plainville Town Council.

Plainville Fire Marshall Larry Sutherland introduced Ronald Dievert, the newly named Fire Inspector. Sutherland said that Dievert has been a career firefighter paramedic with the Wallingford Fire Department since September 1998. In April 2004, Dievert became an adjunct instructor at the Connecticut Fire Academy, a role that he still holds.

In May 2015, Dievert became a probationary member of the Plainville Fire Company and became a regular member in June 2016. In October 2018, Dievert became “certifiable by the State of Connecticut as a Fire Marshal, Deputy Fire Marshal, and Inspector,” said Sutherland.

Andrew Pace, Trevor Buchas, and Justin Barrington were appointed as probationary firefighters.

Council Chair, Kathy Pugliese, recognized the Plainville High School boys soccer team, who recently won the Class M Championship.

“PHS boys soccer was seeded 23 when the tournament for the Class M Championship began, so there were 22 others ranked above them,” said Pugliese. “It is the first time the boys soccer team has done this for the town.”

Pugliese hopes to have the team attend the next meeting of the Town Council to present them with “a proclamation from the Town Council and recognize this amazing achievement.”

Councilor Rosemary Morante shared that the Quinnipiac River cleanup event, which had been scheduled for the first Saturday in November and had been cancelled due to weather concerns, has been rescheduled. There will now be two river cleanup events in the spring— one for the Quinnipiac River, and one for the Pequabuck River.

Morante also said the Plainville Senior Center will be hosting their new member party on Thursday, Dec. 6. She also said that over the past year, 170 new members have joined the senior center.

During his report, Town Manager Robert Lee, discussed the replacement of a 20-year-old crane truck, used by the Water Pollution Control Department to service pump stations.

Lee said Water Pollution Control’s fiscal capital budget for 2019 includes $78,000 the truck.

Lee said town staff has recommended a 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Heavy Duty Four Wheel Drive pickup truck be purchased from Davidson Chevrolet of Canton. The cost of the truck, from Davidson, is $38,747, which Lee said is slightly lower than the state bid price. Lee and staff recommended this purchase because the state bid vendor cannot get this truck delivered for up to nine months.

“After the truck is purchased it will be necessary to outfit it with a crane, truck body, and snow plow,” said Lee. Lee said staff recommende Hartford Truck, utilizing state bid price.

The total cost of these two items is $68,235, said Lee.

Additional monies will be needed to install some safety features including some emergency lights, said Lee.

Lee said he expects the total not to exceed the $78,000.