Council chair offers updates



Chair of the town council Kathy Pugliese shared updates occuring to the town’s railroad crossings. The railroad, according to Pugliese, has complete control over the railroad crossings, but she said that the state Department of Transportation has been “instrumental in helping us get the railroad to start fixing some of these things.”

“We’ve had three other crossings already repaired, there’s one more that has not been done yet, but, we’re trying to get that on the schedule for the railroad to take care of that,” said Pugliese.

Pugliese extended congratulations to Carl Johnson, recently named the new principal of Plainville High School, who took up the position when former principal, Roberto Medic, left to become the director of human resources for the Board of Education in Avon.

She also shared that she attended an “absolutely wonderful” Veterans Day event at the Middle School of Plainville.

“It was really outstanding, I have to tell you, all the students were in attendance. The middle school band played music, there were veterans, current duty and prior duty,” said Pugliese. “Fire Department brought their truck with their ridiculously gigantic flag that everybody was able to see outside, I think there was a military vehicle outside that the students were able to kind of look at and go around.”

Pugliese reported that the probate court in Plainville will be “transitioning from Bristol and Plymouth probate to the Farmington and Burlington probate district,” as of Tuesday, Jan. 1.

She also shared updates on the road paving program.

“We had a $5 million road bond program that was approved by the voters in 2014, and the plan was to spend approximately $1 million a year for five years to repave roads in the town,” said Pugliese. “Some of the roads that were last paved dated from 1972 to the early 1990s, as you can imagine, they needed a little facelift, if not more than that, so we are continuing to do that.”

Two other roads, Cooke Street, and a portion of Northwest Drive, were paved in conjunction to with paving project.

“These roads were paid entirely with grants from CRCOG, which is the Capital Region Council of Governments,” said Pugliese. “We applied for a grant to take care of that, we were awarded the grant. One-hundred percent of that was paid for through the Regional CRCOG Association. Over the last four years, a total of 10.234 miles of local streets have been repaved utilizing both town and grant funds.”

The list of roads to be repaved next year has not been finalized of yet.