Update on nails

Police Chief Matthew Catania gave the town council an update at last week’s meeting regarding the screws and nails found in the streets of Plainville.

Catania said that even though it seems like “such a simple crime of mischief,” it is difficult to determine who is committing this act of mischief because “there’s not an abundance of physical evidence that gets left behind.”

The chief said the department has been applying several techniques in an effort to link these incidents back to one or more individuals. He also said that the department hasn’t “had a sighting of a large amount of screws or nails in the road since Wednesday, Dec. 5.

“I’d like to just restate that whoever is doing this – if their intention is that they just want to cause some annoyance – if someone gets harmed from this and we’re able to attach it back to them, it’s a serious felony crime,” said Chief Catania.

Taylor Murchison-Gallagher