Sweeping up the competition

Plainville High School’s Italian National Honor Society hosted a Scopa Tournament on Monday, Feb. 4. Scopa, which means broom in Italian, is a popular card game in southern Italy. The game is played with a special deck of cards and gains its name from a player “sweeping” all the cards from the table. Members of the society split into teams for a single elimination tournament. Participants included Dan Szymula, Kara Beloin, Ebelyn Rodriguez, Callia Donahue, Alexia Sirois, Alyssa Roy, Marlee Susco, Alec Karal, Jenny Francisco-Cruz and Simona Barbagallo. Several of the students have been playing this game for years with their “nonni” (grandparents). The winning team of Callia Donahue and Marlee Susco swept the competition.