Transplanted: Li’l Plant Shop sets new roots in Plainville

The Li’l Plant Shop officially opened on Thursday, Feb. 28 with a ribbon cutting event at their new home at 8 E. Main St. The “plant shop like no other” offers a wide variety of plants, along with over 50 different plant programs to help anyone develop their green thumbs. From left, store manager Carli Eleveld, co-owners Patrice and Jeff Eleveld, Cal Hauburger, Garrett Daigle, Plainville Town Manager Robert Lee, and Lisa Hubina from the chamber of commerce. (Photo by Janelle Morelli)



The Li’l Plant Shop moved from their former location on W. Main St. to their new home at 8 E. Main St. On Thursday, Feb. 28, co-owners Jeff and Pat Eleveld celebrated the move with a ribbon cutting, attended by family and friends, along with Plainville Town Manager Robert Lee and members of the chamber of commerce.

The shop originally opened in October 2017, but Jeff Eleveld said his passion for plants began during his childhood.

“My whole life, since I was about 11 years old this has been my absolute passion,” said Jeff Eleveld. “About 10 or 11 years old I was a plant fanatic – I just loved them, I loved growing them and propagating them, it just became my passion, and it’s literally been my passion my whole life.”

He now works full time as a therapeutic horticulturist, and Pat is a full-time nursing director. Their daughter, Carli, works as the store manager.

The Li’l Plant shop offers a variety of plants and planters, all of which can be potted yourself at the potting bench. It’s also available for your next group gathering, be it a child’s birthday party or a company outing.

Pat and Carli Eleveld also create plant arrangements for weddings, funerals, parties, and corsages and boutonnieres. Their work was recently featured in Hartford Magazine, showcasing the arrangements they created for a fall wedding.

These occasions were offered while housed in their former location, but both Jeff and Pat Eleveld said that the new location, 8 E Main St., has more space to accommodate what the shop has to offer.

At 8 E Main St., customers can be treated to a cup of tea or chai while they peruse the large variety of plants, such as succulents, cacti, plants that clean the air, fairy gardens, terrariums, orchids, air plants, peace lilies, or even snake plants.

They also offer non-plant goods, such as the Go 2 Garden, a custom built raised bed planter, that offers a wedged shape design, which allows for ample clearance for a standard chair, a wheelchair, or even standing.

Jeff Eleveld said they even offer plant compatibility analyses of your home or office, in an effort to help you choose the correct plant for your lifestyle, as every plant is different, just like every person is a little bit different.

“Each plant has its own specific requirement and care characteristics,” said Jeff Eleveld. “When you come to buy a plant we’re going to tell you how to take care of it. And then we’re here the next day if you forgot or have a question—we’re here to answer that question.”

He said there are two basic rules to remember about having plants—light and water. But, he cautions, over watering a plant is almost worse than under watering.

Watering a plant is like feeding a child, it must be on the plants terms. To best determine if your plant needs water, Jeff Eleveld said to “find the bottom,” or, the weight of your plant and planter when the soil is dry.

To learn more about The Li’l Plant Shop, and all that they offer to plant-minded people, please visit the new store. You can call the shop at, (860) 839-1110, or visit them online,

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