Republicans to hold primary on Sept. 10

Sample primary ballot for the GOP election on Tuesday, Sept. 10.



On the trail to the 2019 municipal elections, Plainville’s Republican party will be holding a primary on Tuesday, Sept. 10, for the offices of Town Council and the Board of Education.

The GOP held their caucus on Wednesday, July 17, where five candidates were endorsed to run for seats on the council. They are David Underwood (who garnered 30 votes), Kathy Pugliese (29 votes), Deborah Tompkins (27 votes), Ty Cox (26 votes), and Jacob Rocco (21 votes).

Current BOE vice chair, Nicole Palmieri, also sought endorsement in the caucus but only received seven votes. She filed a petition to be considered for the council term ending in Nov. 2021, and will be one of the names on the primary ballot.


Several seats will be open on the BOE—three will serve a four-year term, and one will serve a two-year term.

During the caucus, Rachel Buchanan and Lori Consalvo—who currently sits on the  BOE—were nominated for the two-year term. Consalvo turned down the nomination, in hopes of securing endorsement for a four-year term.

The party endorsed current BOE commissioners Laurie Peterson (31 votes), Deborah Hardy (30 votes), and Michael Guliano (18 votes).

Consalvo received 16 votes, but was not endorsed for either term. She then filed a petition for a chance to secure the two-year term, which will run through November 2021. Consalvo will be the other name on the primary ballot that didn’t receive a party endorsement.

According to Plainville Democratic Town Committee chair Rebecca Martinez there will not be a Democratic primary leading up to the November election.

Polling locations will be at Linden Street School, 69 Linden St., for voting district one; Plainville Fire House, 77 West Main St., for voting district two; Toffolon Elementary School, 145 Northwest Dr., for voting district three; and Wheeler Elementary School, 15 Cleveland Memorial Dr., for voting district four.

Once the Republican candidates are determined by the primary, the registrar of voters will hold a public lottery on Wednesday, Sept. 11, to determine the order of names to appear on the ballot for the November election. Democrat candidate order will also be determined at the lottery.

The lottery—to determine the horizontal order of the candidates within each party—will be held at 10 a.m., in Room 302 of the Plainville Municipal Center, 1 Central Square. The public and all nominated and petitioning candidates are invited to witness the drawing.

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