Cosmetology school celebrates graduation with style

Graduates of the International Institute of Cosmetology walk down the runway with the models they styled for a final hair fashion show. The graduation ceremony for the school, which has campuses in Plainville and Wethersfield, was held at the Aqua Turf in Plantsville on Sunday, Oct. 13.



Rather than simply receive a certificate, a handshake, and congratulations, the graduating class of the International Institute of Cosmetology took the plunge into their professional life a step further.

The students put on a hair fashion show demonstrating what they had learned from staff at the school, which has locations in Plainville and Wethersfield, and the guest artists who came into the school to prepare them for the final show.

In the fashion show, the graduates demonstrated their skills with bridal hair as well as their creativity for more fashion editorial worthy work.

There were over 100 students from the two campuses formally capping their time at the International Institute of Cosmetology. The students needed to clock in 1,500 hours of training to reach this point.

Soon-to-be graduates of the International Institute of Cosmetology created hair looks for a fashion show that was held prior to receiving their certificates for the completing their studies.

At the graduation celebration held at the Aqua Turf in Plantsville, the school’s founder Carmelo Gugliotti asked the graduates’ families to show support for their child’s chosen profession.

“If they really want to impress this profession, be proud of what they are doing,” said Gugliotti.

“They do fantastic work but need a little self-esteem,” said Gugliotti. “They also need you to encourage them and to support them.”

“Today, I want you to enjoy what they are capable of doing,” said Gugliotti.

Salvatore Fodera, president of OMC, which runs Hairworld, a worldwide hair stylist competition, said, as hairdressers, “We make people look good from the neck up. Men we make good-looking. Women- we make beautiful.”

Although he is in charge of a world competition and encouraged the graduates to keep the competition in mind as a future goal, Fodera said, they don’t need to be champions to be successful. “It’s what you have in your mind, what you have in your heart, and what you have in your hands.”

Fodera said, “When you have a lot of clients and they request for you and your pocket is full and your bank account is full, you’re a champion.”

“If you take the profession with pride and you do it with all your heart, you will be successful,” said Gugliotti to the graduates. “This is a profession that will take you all over the world.”