Children rehearse for the annual OM Keystone Association Variety Show. The two-night event will be held in April.

Rehearsals have already begun for Bristol’s the annual event colloquially known as OM Show.

The Boys and Girls Club of Bristol Family Center variety show is celebrating its 79th year. This year’s theme is “Broadway.”

The show, which is a fundraiser for the club, is planned for April 17 and 18. It will feature the traditional line-up of singing and dancing by performers of all ages.

The show once again will be Saint Paul High School, 1001 Stafford Ave., Bristol.

“It started out as the Older Members Association, and then there was a second organization in our club called the Keystone. Older Members were the men’s group, and the Keystone Women’s Auxiliary. We voted to merge the groups together, so now the official name of the group is the OM Keystone Association,” said Allen Stone, artistic director of the OM show.


“It’s the longest running variety show in the country. We have people that have been performing in the show since they were kids. I am one of them. I started when I was four years old,” said Stone. “My mom started doing the show in 1958. She brought me in when she had me, and then my brother, so it became a family tradition.”

That same family tradition took place with Kimberly Alvarado’s family. Alvarado performed in the show for the first time when she was in the second grade in 1992.

She is still performing as well as choreographing the adult performance group.

“I was always a dancer. I danced in town at the Nutmeg Performing Arts Center. I got involved with choreography there, and my mom was the director of the show the year that I choreographed for the first time,” said Alvarado.

Alvarado’s daughter will also be in the show. She will perform with the children’s group.

“I was really happy that we could continue that tradition because my mom got me into it, and then her dad had gotten her into it,” said Alvarado. “This is the first year that my mom is going to be an audience member, so it’ll be interesting to see what her perspective of the show is. I’m used to performing with her.”

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