Southington’s Gibney releases song about heartache




Heartache drips from the lyrics of the new single, “King of Hearts,” from Connecticut country singer Erin Gibney.

The Southington native and Nashville transplant sings on the song, which was released on March 1 across assorted streaming services, “I was doomed from the first… I lost my money and my pride… He was a liar when he left… He’s the King of Hearts but he’ll tear you apart.”

“King of Hearts” is the follow-up to Gibney’s EP “Bold,” which she released last April. And it’s a preview of what’s in the works for a full-length release.


“The story behind this song is very personal to me,” said Gibney in an email interview from Nashville. “What happened was I was in situation and relationship where I was surrounded by lies and broken trust.”

“I stuck it out for a while thinking it was what I wanted when in the end I got so hurt that I stopped thinking straight,” said Gibney. “I lost this positive image of myself that I had kept up for so long. I realized that it was the hardest thing to forgive someone who not only hurts your heart, but your mind as well.”

Gibney said the song was part of her healing process from the heartbreak.

“Putting this story into music helped me in more ways than I can even explain,” said Gibney. “Instead of looking at the situation with anger, it turned really beautiful to me. It became a work of art. Something that I had been broken and reborn from.”

The song also is setting the stage for how she approaches her new album, said Gibney. The new album will be about “releasing that pain and heartbreak into music.”

Some songwriters will create characters and fictitious plots. Others, like Gibney, will get more personal in their subject matter.

“I think writing about my own life and experiences is my preference when I’m creating music,” said Gibney. “I say this because it’s really personal and intimate to me to get up on stage and sing songs about things I’ve been through to an audience.”

“I think it shows me, and them, that there are people who share similar experiences as you and who think the same way as you do too.”

Gibney said she finds it easy to get to the emotion of the song because the song will take her back to the reasons she wrote it in the first place. “For example, one of my first songs, ‘Leaving Home,’ is about me moving out of my childhood house. Every time I perform that song I can feel exactly how I felt the day I left home.”

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Southington native and country singer Erin Gibney has released her new song, ‘King of Hearts.’ (MIKE CHAIKEN PHOTO)