Petit applauds mandate relief legislation


State Representative William A. Petit, Jr. (R-22) earlier this week joined colleagues in the House of Representatives in passing legislation aimed at providing education mandate relief for municipalities.

“I proudly supported this measure, which will provide much needed relief to our district while providing assistance to our students,” said Rep. Petit, a co-sponsor of the bill, reported a press release from House Republicans. “I continue to hear from Plainville and New Britain officials that they, along with school districts across the state, are adamant about the need for mandate relief. Given our state’s current and very difficult economic climate, this measure will bring about much needed cost savings for our district, and allow for quality education for all of our students.”

The proposal, HB 7276, An Act Concerning Education Mandate Relief, includes recommendations from school superintendents, administrators, teachers, Board of Education members, parents, and advocates.

Dr. Maureen Brummett, Superintendent of Plainville schools added, the press release reported, “I applaud Rep. Petit’s acknowledgement that school systems are overburdened by various mandates that are enacted without an understanding of the time and financial impact involved. This mandate relief will allow districts to determine how expelled students are educated as well as make the training decisions regarding staff who deal with behaviorally involved students. Dr. Petit’s work is certainly a step in the right direction into the reduction of unfunded mandates and allowing school districts to determine what is best for their students.”

The bill’s provisions include, the press release said:


Eliminate the requirement for school districts to adopt a regional calendar

Require the state to purchase one digital school management and reporting software system

Provide a digital school management and reporting software system at no cost to districts; allowing districts to decide how they provide education to expelled students

Allow districts to focus training in procedures for handling highly sensitive behavioral issues on staff who have direct contact with students

The bill is supported by Connecticut Council of Small Towns, said the press release. The measure passed out of the House of Representatives and awaits further action by the Senate.

The 2017 legislative session adjourns on June 7.