Plainville High’s salutatorian Abigail Leander



Plainville High School salutatorian, Abigail Leander, feels as though her hard work and determination has paid off. A lifelong Plainville resident, Leander will be sent off to the University of Connecticut in the fall, but will keep with her the lessons and experiences she obtained through the Plainville school district.

“A lot of long hours definitely went into this,” Leander said. “I wouldn’t let myself take the easy way out. School work typically always took precedence, and that is very important to me and my values. You can’t take shortcuts and get the same results.”

For Leander, her education doesn’t just stop at being a student. She is also the editor of the school yearbook, involved in the State Student Advisory Council on Education, a member of the jazz band, and a member of both the Spanish and Science National Honor Societies. She has also been playing soccer since the age of four.

“I really appreciate having grown up in Plainville,” said Leander. “It’s a small town full of everyone well and form good relationships with teachers and other staff members. They have always inspired me to grow, and pushed me to see what else the world has to offer.”

She said her teachers throughout the years have taught her an important lesson: ask for help when you need it. Leander said she feels as though her education has prepared her to reach out and connect to the resources that are there to support and help her.

Through her education, Leander was able to explore an array of interests. Though her passion for science is strong, she also has interests in music and art.

“I don’t really like to sacrifice one for the other and I think it’s important to have that balance,” she said.

Two staff members in particular played a significant role in Leander’s successes: calculus teacher Mr. Rankin and her guidance counselor Mrs. Hickey.

“Mr. Rankin was so helpful and a very supportive teacher,” she said. “He always did what he needed to do to help students if they struggled. And my guidance counselor, Mrs. Hickey, always reaffirmed me that everything would be alright. She is definitely one of the shining people in my life who helped me to get to where I am now.”

Leander was the receiver of the following scholarships: the Achieve Financial scholarship, Petit: Be the Change scholarship, the Rotary of Plainville scholarship, Lewis and Elizabeth Dowdy Medical scholarship, and a Main Street Foundation scholarship. resources. You get to know

Abigail Leander, Plainville High School’s salutatorian.