BOE gets updates on safety and professional development



The Plainville Board of Education met on Monday, Nov. 12, and heard updates on school safety and professional development, and projects and events from around town.

Rosa Perez, director of curriculum, instruction, and assessment for Plainville Community Schools, discussed the safety and security training program hosted by the Plainville Police Department on Tuesday, Nov. 6, in which “all PHS faculty and staff participated.”

Perez said the training session “offered statistical information about school gun violence and about school tragedies since Columbine.”

“Sgt. [Richard] Marques, School Resource Officer [Jessica] Martins, and additional police department members offered information and strategies on how to deal with the possibility of an active shooter in the building,” said Perez. “After the training, we all felt empowered that, yes, there are ways we can defend ourselves and our students in the case of a violent attack. This training will continue to include the rest of the faculty and students from the middle school and the high school.”

While this training was occurring, said Perez, the middle school faculty “had the opportunity to continue their conversations with departments about standards based grading,” and the “elementary faculty members were also busy deepening their knowledge about literacy, teaching.”

The elementary faculty also discussed how to implement Next Generation Science Standards through the “Why is Our Corn Changing?” unit.” Perez said that, as of Jan. 1, all elementary grades will share information of and the experience with the unit, “for the purpose of cohesion among all schools and grades.”

Later that afternoon, “the special education and school counseling departments attended a presentation to further their knowledge about legal issues for special education.” Perez said that the Shipman and Goodwin law firm shared their knowledge and expertise during the presentation.

While that presentation was occurring, the rest of the faculty and staff learned about the “ruler program and mindfulness,” in which Brummett, LePage, Trzcinski, Eshoo, and Linden staff have already been trained.

“The purpose of the program was for adults to learn about how to capture and process our feelings throughout the day,” said Perez. “Also, to learn how to take a moment to center ourselves for the purpose of relaxation.”

There were also trainings on how to better understand and accommodate the English Learner population, and how to be “culturally responsive,” as well as trainings on administering CPR and EpiPens.