Historical book timed for town’s 150th anniversary


Just in time for the Plainville sesquicentennial, historian and author Arthur Pope has republished with commentary a 19th century satirical rhapsody by Quinebus Flestrin.

Set in the late 19th century at the Methodist camp meeting in Plainville, this work brings to mind both the 18th century writings of Jonathan Swift and the parodies of our modern-day Saturday Night Live.

The work exposes the sometimes hypocrisy of 19th century American religion and society which still exists in our own time.

The work is available for a modest cost from the Plainville Historical Society or by contacting the author at apope721@gmail.com

The Connecticut Chautauqua and Methodist Campground in Plainville at 320 Camp St. is now owned by the Plainville Campground Association. On the national register of historic places, it is a seasonal residential community.

More information can be found at www.plainvillecampgrounds.org.