PCS presents a rockin’ version of ‘Snow White’

Quinn Wazorko Christopher, wife of the late Ted Christopher, speaks at the unveiling of the Ted Christopher Wall of Wrestling Champions last Wednesday. (JANELLE MORELLI PHOTO))
The Plainville Choral Society presents 'The Rockin’ Tale of Snow White' this coming weekend.
The Plainville Choral Society presents ‘The Rockin’ Tale of Snow White’ this coming weekend.

Plainville Choral Society is ready to rock the house with its performance of “The Rockin’ Tale of Snow White” March 14 and 15.

This is a fresh and funny adaptation of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, which is told by a modern day mom to her children who have a very different idea of how the story unfolded.

Along with the traditional cast of the kind princess, handsome prince, multiple dwarves, evil queen and the morally conflicted Huntsman, there are rhyme happy ladies-in-waiting and an environmentally conscious but stick-in-the mud government representative.

The music is a combination of rock and roll, hip-hop, doo wop and more. The cast involves several of the Plainville Choral Society Youth Theater members as the dwarves and the children who learn how the tale of Snow White “really happened.”

Performances will be held at the Middle School of Plainville on Friday March 14 and Saturday March 15 at 7 p.m. with a matinee on March 15 at 2 p.m.

Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door and $5 for children 12 and under. Tickets may be purchased a Dancingly Yours, Family Barber Shop, Irene’s Culinary (Forestville), PlainvilleSeniorCenter, Saint’s Restaurant (Southington) or any PCS member.

For more information, contact Mal Cummings at (860_747-5695 or visit pcsmusic.org.